Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Outcome Of It All


The Ticket To Work Program is a government scam designed to confuse the process of determinations by Social Security. They have trainees who are hired every year to keep up the job statistics for the U.S. Government. These people are given rules that they are to follow as if they don't have a brain. They can't determine that what an idiot wrote into law is sometimes wrong, so we have to USE OUR BRAIN to decide which laws are correct and which we have to ignore. The program is designed to do two things. Give the disabled a false sense of hope and a false sense that the U.S. Government actually cares about them. Then the determination comes. This is what MY EXPERIENCE IS. When I signed up for the ticket to work program I was told that I could only earn 1000 dollars a month. The average person would assume that means 250 dollars a week. I specifically asked if that was OK and was told yes. The Social Security case worker then mumbled something about there being more than 4 weeks in some months. I asked if I would be penalized for that and he said, "No, we take that into account." HE LIED.

Then I was sent a thousand questionaires asking me if I was still disabled, when I went to the doctor last, etc. I got barraged with packets of requests for inane stupid requests for information. This is the facts: If you are permanently disabled, why do you need to determine if you are STILL DISABLED? I sent the first few in to my doctor's office for him to fill out after filling out my part. Disability kept sending me more. They keep asking when I saw my doctor last and how many visits I had lately, what medications I am on, etc. MY DOCTOR TOLD ME AND THEM THAT I AM NOT GOING TO GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS. STILL, the questionnaires came.

I started calling and asking them, "What part of PERMANENTLY disabled didn't you understand?" They would answer that they were sorry and promised that I wouldn't receive anymore questionnaires, and then about six months later, another questionnaire from at least three different offices in California, Arizona, and Texas were reviewing my case. Their excuse was always that it was a random review. I would like to point out here the definition of the word RANDOM =

  1. proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern: the random selection of numbers. or
  2. Constructed or applied without regularity.

That would mean that they would pick a different person every time instead of picking THE SAME PERSON EVERY TIME.

If someone sends you a questionaire, this is my suggestion. First, tell them yes, you are still disabled. Then get ahold of your local congressman and ask them why they keep bothering / harassing you. When the congressman's staff calls you back, ask them, "If I shoot this Social Security idiot worker in the face and kill him, does he need someone to send him a review in six months to determine if he is dead? Can we bypass the stupid antics dispatched by the government to keep the trainees from being bored while it amounts to harassment of disabled citizens?" This is what I want to know. Please join me in asking your local congressman about this.


If some misguided moron from some employment agency tries to trick you into signing up for the "Trick Us To Work Program" in order to give some denial agent the amunition they need to say that you have "RETURNED TO WORK" and no longer need help, then, DO NOT DO IT. IT IS A TRICK invented by some misguided congressmen who believe they can harrass you into no longer really being disabled. The only reason they want to do this is to get an excuse to get you off of disability once you have fought so hard, usually with a lawyer, through many denials and had to go to a hearing, in order to be found disabled by a real medical professional. This means they are trying to make you go through the whole process over again. DON'T DO IT!